Badges: where to get them

Which badge is which?

Item Where to get
Membership/District/County badges, Cabot Explorers nametape, Neckers Rachel (District Badge Secretary) -
Young Leaders' Badge Young Leader Unit (awarded when they attend Module A)
Platinum/Diamond Award Badges Held by DESC - let them know if you have any close to completing so they can provide a certificate & badge (and come award them!)
Queen's Scout Award Badge Sent out by National HQ when achieved - those who've been awarded this will need to order any extras/replacements themselves
DofE Badges These should be provided when they complete the awards, but if they completed with school they might not have been given a cloth badge - these can be ordered for them from the Scout Shop (see below)
Activity Badges, Participation Awards Should be ordered by Units and paid for as part of your termly programme - can be bought from the official Scout Shop or Glasgow Scout Shop (there may be other sellers out there - these are where Units have purchased badges previously)