The Explorer Top Awards - Chief Scout's Platinum, Chief Scout's Diamond, the Queen's Scout Award, as well as the Explorer Belt and Young Leader Belt, represent the absolute top achievements in Scouting for Young People.

During your time in Explorers you'll have the chance to work towards these. Sometimes this will be through things you do directly with your Unit, such as planning and running some evenings, other times it will require you to go away and take part in some new activities. They should be a challenge, but also fun, and something to look back on with pride afterwards!

Some of the awards will require you to spend some time volunteering, learning a new skill, and developing physically, as well as taking part in expeditions - similar to the Duke of Edinburgh awards (in fact, these count towards the Scout awards!). You'll also need to attend some Nights Away as an Explorer, and take part in some International, Community, and Values based activities.

The awards are progressive, so completing your Platinum will count towards your Queen's Scout, but there's no need to complete the earlier awards before you can start on the later ones - overall you'll do the same amount of activities as if you worked on all three seperately.

Your leaders will be able to help you work out what you need to do to achieve these, and will occasionally run events to talk about the awards. The logbooks are useful to note down the things you've done so you don't forget. We also have some cheatsheets, which summarise the criteria for each award.

Award Can be started from Linked to Logbook
Chief Scout's Platinum Award 14+ Bronze DofE Platinum Logbook
Chief Scout's Diamond Award 15+ Silver DofE Diamond Logbook
Queen's Scout Award 16+ Gold DofE QSA Logbook