Moving on from Scouts

Scouts move on to Explorers between the ages of 13.5 and 14.5. Each term Troops automatically share any Scouts they have turning 13 in the next year with us, and during the term we will send out information about Explorers and our Units, and invite Scouts to let us know when they might like to move up.

Moving up can take place at any point during the 12 months, and normally takes place at the start of a new term. Some Scouts may be ready to move up straight away, whilst others would rather wait another term or two; it's also possible for a Scout to attend both their troop, and an Explorer Unit for a short time whilst they find their feet - we will discuss this with you when we get in touch.

All of our Explorer Units are open to all Scouts in the District, providing there are spaces available. When we contact you we will let you know which Units currently have spaces, and when spaces may become available, and ask you to let us know your preferred Unit(s). We're unable to reserve spaces for those waiting, and any spaces that become available in Units are open to all of the Scouts joining us.

If wishing to join from a Troop outside of Cabot District, please contact us to be added to the joining list.

Joining from outside of Scouting

Young people wishing to join from outside of Scouting can do so from age 14, and should contact us to be added to the joining list.

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