Report an accident

All accidents/injuries requiring first aid must be reported to the District - using the online report form is the quickest way to do this.

Report an Accident

In the case of a serious accident/incident, or one which leads to loss of life (or has the potential to), the HQ Duty Media officer must be advised immediately: 0345 300 1818

Further Reporting

If an accident requires further treatment (e.g. more than first aid being given by a leader) then headquarters must be informed at the earliest suitable opportunity.

  1. Make a note of the following information, which will be required when reporting the incident:
    • Explorer Unit
    • Date of incident
    • Activity being undertaken
    • Nature of the injury and severity (i.e. were they kept in hospital overnight)
    • Any external agencies involved
  2. Inform the DESC of the accident, they will support you in completing the rest of the report.

What needs further reporting?

(From POR 7.4 - Emergency Procedures: Accident Reporting)

An accident where:

  • Any person requires medical treatment (hospital, doctor, dentist etc.) either at the time of the accident, or subsequently because of the accident
  • Rescue is required (coastguard, mountain rescue etc.)
  • Damage is caused to third-party property
  • There is a loss of life