Report an Accident

All accidents/injuries requiring first aid must be reported to the District - using the online report form is the quickest way to do this.

Further Reporting

If an accident requires further treatment then headquarters must be informed at the earliest suitable opportunity - the accident reporting form will prompt you to complete the following steps, if necessary.

  1. In the case of a serious accident/incident, or one which leads to loss of life (or has the potential to), the HQ Duty Media officer must be advised immediately: 0345 300 1818
  2. Inform the DESC of the accident, they will support you in completing the rest of the report
  3. Inform HQ of the accident via the online form. When reporting an incident you will need to provide the following information:
    • Name of injured person, membership type, Unit, District and County
    • Date of incident
    • Activity being undertaken
    • Nature of the injury and severity (were they kept in hospital overnight)
    • Any external agencies involved
    • Who is reporting the incident and how can they be contacted
  4. Complete the Unity Insurance incident form and witness statements (if necessary) - links are on the accident report form

What needs further reporting?

(From POR 7.4 - Emergency Procedures: Accident Reporting)

An accident where:

  • Any person requires medical treatment (hospital, doctor, dentist etc.) either at the time of the accident, or subsequently because of the accident
  • Rescue is required (coastguard, mountain rescue etc.)
  • Damage is caused to third-party property
  • There is a loss of life