Best of luck to all of our Explorers and ex-Explorers receiving their results today! 🎉 Whatever the future holds, Scouting will still be there for you - if you’re heading off to university keep an eye out for your local Student Scouting @ssago_uk group, as well as local Scout Network sections, to continue the adventure. If you haven’t yet found our own Scout Network (Gromit) go check them out - they run meetings throughout the year so even if you’re heading away they’ll still be here whenever you’re back.

13th August 2020

A new way to enforce social distancing?.. Nope, just a game of baseball! Thankfully the rain held off for Spaniorum’s final night of the term and return to the outdoors #CabotExplorers #SpaniorumESU

27th July 2020

And that’s another Unit back - Spitfire finished off their term with a socially distanced campfire, getting to catch up and finally meet some of their new Explorers in the flesh! 🔥 #CabotExplorers #SpitfireESU

24th July 2020

Normally, going for a gentle walk wouldn’t be much to shout about, but after a term online having the chance to catch up in person was very welcome! Units are slowly starting to put together plans for face-to-face meetings, so no doubt we’ll see more activities starting up as summer progresses 🌿🌞🌲 #CabotExplorers #ConcordeESU

21st July 2020

Great to have so many join last nights murder mystery - there were some interesting lines of enquiry taken, with one Unit even cracking out tarot cards to try and contact the dead DC 💀 Thankfully one Unit managed to identify the killer... Harry, our Youth Commissioner - congrats Spaniorum! #CabotExplorers #BrabazonESU #ConcordeESU #PiratesESU #PhoenixESU #SpaniorumESU #SpitfireESU #SteamaESU #WhiteTreeESU

7th July 2020

There’s been a murder! Come join our second virtual District Explorer Event this coming Monday to help us uncover the killer and solve the mystery - details and call link are on the website, zoom password has been emailed out/will be on Discord.

3rd July 2020

Our Units are continuing to come up with creative evenings to run online while we’re still unable to meet in person - this week Concorde got together to construct their very own model Concorde ✈️ #ConcordeESU #CabotExplorers

2nd June 2020

With our Units moving their regular meetings online, we figured why not try a District Explorer Event too! Last night 50 Explorers from across all our Units came together with Network to compete in a virtual Monopoly Run around New York - congrats to Phoenix ESU for taking the top spot 🎉 #CabotExplorers #BrabazonESU #ConcordeESU #PhoenixESU #PiratesESU #SpaniorumESU #SpitfireESU #SteamaESU #WhiteTreeESU

16th May 2020

Was great to talk to some of our older Explorers interested in joining the @ukcontingent to the World Scout Moot over the weekend - if you missed the call or want a reminder, we’ve put slides up at #CabotExplorers #Scouts

26th April 2020

Throwback to this time last year, at our gloriously sunny District Explorer camp! 🤞we’ll be back out camping sometime soon #CabotExplorers

21st April 2020

If you were born on or before the 19th of July 2003 you’ll be old enough to attend the World Scout Moot next summer - to share more information about the event and give you the chance to ask some questions we’ll be holding a call next Saturday evening, details have been emailed out today! #CabotExplorers #WorldScoutMoot

19th April 2020

One week in and we’ve already had 150 submissions to the #CabotChallenge - from donating to the food bank, to baking, to expressing how they feel right now in art, Explorers have still been been finding ways to try new things and pass the time while stuck at home! #CabotExplorers

8th April 2020