Tonight Brabazon were pitted against each other completing weird and wonderful challenges for some virtual dolla 💵💵 #BrabazonESU #CabotExplorers

13th February 2020

Is this your jumper?? A 2019 Ten Tors jumper (35 miler) was handed in at the start of term - medium, no name (of course!) - we’re struggling to reunite it. If you think it’s yours drop us a message! #CabotTenTors #CabotExplorers

10th February 2020

Good luck to our Explorers out doing the Cotswold Marathon tonight! ⛰ #CotswoldMarathon #CabotTenTors #CabotExplorers

8th February 2020

Our District Ten Tors 35s are out on their first overnight training weekend - the final stage before they head out to train on Dartmoor. In between two days of walking they’ve also been finding out more about the event, how to prepare and look after their kit, and what to do in an emergency! #CabotTenTors #CabotExplorers

1st February 2020

Our newest Explorer Unit, White Tree, spent the evening brushing up on their pioneering with some mini-catapults, as well as investing more members into their Unit ⚜️ #WhiteTreeESU #CabotExplorers

31st January 2020

This weekend saw several of our Young Leaders coming together to complete some more of their training modules, looking at understanding behaviour and taking the lead - new skills to take back to their sections! #CabotYoungLeaders #CabotExplorers

28th January 2020

Burn’s Night came early for Concorde, as they broke out the haggis, neeps and tatties this week (as well as some pancakes while it all cooked). First time eating haggis for most! #ConcordeESU #CabotExplorers

25th January 2020

‘Big Fire’ always a firm favourite when planning the programme 🔥 #SpaniorumESU #CabotExplorers

13th January 2020

#PhoenixESU working on their #SkillsForLife with a mix of first aid, wiring plugs, and ironing - no excuse for scruffy neckers now! #CabotExplorers

13th January 2020

This weekend #SteamaESU enjoyed some (very muddy!) winter fun, at Gilwell Park Wintercamp ❄️☃️ #CabotExplorers #Wintercamp

12th January 2020

#Gilwell24 information has gone out this evening - go check your emails - invites will be sent out Monday! This is the UK’s biggest explorer event, make sure you don’t miss out ⚜️ #CabotExplorers #ScoutAdventures

9th January 2020

Who’ll be the first to join the hall of fame in 2020? If you’re not already working on your Top Awards make sure you take a look! ✨#CabotExplorers

6th January 2020

An amazing 100 Explorers (and Network and Leaders) at the final Cabot Explorer Event of 2019 - a takeover of the Winter Wonderland Ice Rink! Was great to see so many of you there, hope you all have a great Christmas and we’ll see you back in the New Year🎄 #CabotExplorers

16th December 2019

Congratulations to the final 2019 hall of fame entry - Max from Spitfire, who holds the special honour of being the first from his Unit to achieve Chief Scout’s Platinum! Congratulations also to leader Ros who was awarded the Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service 🥳 #SpitfireESU #CabotExplorers

13th December 2019

Information about next years County Jamboree (Avon Adventure 2020) has gone out this afternoon, go have a read - OSM invites will be following tomorrow. Hope to see lots of you there! #CabotExplorers #AvonAdventure

8th December 2019

An amazing six Platinum awards awarded at Concorde tonight, well done Alice, Barnaby, Ben, Bryn, Ewan, and Hazel 🥳 The unit spent the evening planning next year’s programme, including voting for their summer camp location - Poland! #ConcordeESU #CabotExplorers

3rd December 2019

Spitfire spent the evening getting themselves tied up in knots as they brushed up on some knotting #SkillsForLife , as well as (very diplomatically) choosing their Unit colour #SpitfireESU #CabotExplorers

29th November 2019

Congrats to the latest hall of fame entry - Harri from Steama who‘s now achieved his Platinum Award 🥇 #SteamaESU #CabotExplorers

27th November 2019

Phoenix put their engineering and knot skills to the test by constructing a bridge structure with kebab skewers to see which one could support the most weight! #PhoenixESU #CabotExplorers

18th November 2019

Spaniorum taking a turn on the walls at The Climbing Academy #SpaniorumESU #CabotExplorers

18th November 2019

Concorde brushing up on their survival skills, learning how to skin pheasants #ConcordeESU #CabotExplorers

14th November 2019

Pirates getting out this week for a spot of bouldering 🧗‍♂️ #PiratesESU #CabotExplorers

14th November 2019

Tonight saw the launch of our ninth Explorer Unit - White Tree! Can’t wait to see what they get up to on their new adventure 🌳 #WhiteTreeESU #CabotExplorers

8th November 2019

Concorde carrying on the campfire cooking trend 🔥🔥#ConcordeESU #CabotExplorers

6th November 2019

Phoenix kicking off what’ll probably be an entire week of Explorer fires, with an evening of firelighting and cooking 🔥🔥 #PhoenixESU #CabotExplorers

5th November 2019

A very wet Survival Skills weekend for Spaniorum, which included learning to prepare pheasant from scratch for a tasty stew 🥘 #SpaniorumESU #CabotExplorers

4th November 2019

This term some of our Units took part in the #UKYP Make Your Mark campaign, giving young people across the country a say on what Members of Youth Parliament will be debating later this year - “Protect the Environment” came out on top as the biggest national issue young people want tackled 🏕🛶 #CabotExplorers

25th October 2019

Great to hear from some of our Explorers working on their Bronze #DofE this evening as they presented on their expeditions over the summer - will hopefully be back soon seeing them presented with their awards! 🥇 #CabotExplorers

24th October 2019

Pirates seeing out the half term with an evening of baking and super smash bros - leader Darren was also presented with his 5 year long service award! 🧁 #CabotExplorers #PiratesESU

23rd October 2019

Concorde have been preparing some (rather odd) Guys for bonfire night in a few weeks, and also invested their newest Explorers into the Unit 🙌 #CabotExplorers #ConcordeESU

22nd October 2019

Phoenix put their engineering skills to the test tonight, constructing a giant marble run around the hut - their best time was 21 seconds, can any other Units manage longer? #CabotExplorers #PhoenixESU

21st October 2019

Congratulations to our latest top award achievers, including our first two Diamond awards for quite some time, and two more Platinum awards! #CabotExplorers #SpaniorumESU

21st October 2019

Great to see so many Explorers at tonight’s District Event (over 65, plus a team from Network!) - results and prizes will be sent out to Units during the week 🏆 #CabotExplorers

1st October 2019

Lovely to meet so many Scouts who’ll be moving up to us over the next few months! Thanks to all the Explorers, Leaders, and Network who helped out this evening 🤩 #CabotExplorers

30th September 2019

Well done to our Gold DofE team who gave a (very scientific!) presentation about their expedition over the summer in Snowdonia, looking at the water quality of rivers and lakes 🧪🏕 #DofE #CabotExplorers

27th September 2019

Spitfire’s first interview guest: Bristol North West MP Darren Jones, who answered questions on the importance of diversity in our communities (and also signed the WiFi petition 😂) #SpitfireESU

27th September 2019

Another five Explorers joining the hall of fame after completing their Platinum awards 🤩 The race is on for our first Diamond! #SteamaESU

25th September 2019

Tonight Spitfire started preparing their Diversity in Scouting documentary, putting together questions they want to ask people about how they see Scouting. Leader Ros was also awarded her Wood Badge after completing Explorer Leader training! 🎉 #SpitfireESU

20th September 2019

They’ve only gone and won it! #ThemeParkCamp

14th September 2019

Some stellar efforts for the #ThemeParkCamp musicals fancy dress disco 💃🕺🏻

14th September 2019

We’ve got an amazing 63 Explorers (with all Units represented!) at #ThemeParkCamp this weekend! All ready for a beautifully sunny day in Thorpe Park. @themeparkcamp

14th September 2019

Well done to Huw from Steama who was awarded the Commissioner’s Commendation Award for demonstrating some fantastic teamwork during Ten Tors this year - was great to see this presented tonight, before the Unit put their heads together to work on their programme for the term 📅 #SteamaESU

11th September 2019

Concorde started their term with some speed-bonding to welcome their new Explorers, a few “retro” games of conkers, and some costume creating for #ThemeParkCamp this weekend 🎢 #ConcordeESU

11th September 2019

Spaniorum carrying on the food theme with the £5 challenge - putting together great meals on a tight budget! 🍨 #SkillsForLife #CabotExplorers #SpaniorumESU

9th September 2019

Brabazon kicked off their term with a favourite - cooking, with a twist! 🍝 #BrabazonESU

5th September 2019

With a great summer of camping coming to an end, our Units are getting ready to start back - looking forward to see the exciting programmes they come up with! 🧗‍♀️🚣‍♂️ #CabotExplorers #BrabazonESU #ConcordeESU #PhoenixESU #PiratesESU #SpaniorumESU #SpitfireESU #SteamaESU #CabotYoungLeaders

4th September 2019