While you’re tucked up in bed tonight spare a thought for some of our Explorers who are sleeping out in homemade shelters of all shapes and sizes, to raise awareness (and some money) for Sleep Pod, a charity which produces emergency shelters for rough sleepers - they’ve already raised nearly £900 between them! More info about the sleep out and the fundraiser is up on our website, link in bio 🏕 #CabotExplorers

17th April 2021

Spitfire have their Silver and Gold DofE teams out this week, finally getting their practice expeditions in! Unfortunately no camping allowed currently, so they’re having to head home each day, but it’s good to see them out ⛰ #SpitfireESU #CabotExplorers

14th April 2021

Day by day we get closer to being back to normal! Last week Steama made their return, with an Easter bank holiday walk near Bristol ☀️ #SteamaESU #CabotExplorers

10th April 2021

Great to see the 2021 Cabot Ten Tors teams out on their first training hikes this weekend - hopefully we’ll get to see them back out again soon! #CabotTenTors

6th January 2021

As the end of term draws nearer it’s been great to have some of our Units back meeting in person, with a night hike, socially distanced investitures, and several Christmas BBQs planned! 🎄 #CabotExplorers

12th December 2020

As requested - the first of this term’s District Explorer Events will be a lockdown ‘Among Us’ tournament. Details on the website, you’ll need to get yourself onto Discord if you haven’t already! #CabotsExplorers #AmongUs

20th November 2020

Explorers - if you can, please join with the rest of the District and County tomorrow morning, remembering those who gave their lives.

7th November 2020

On the eve of lockdown, and with another break to face-to-face Scouting coming, #PiratesESU spent the evening painting kindness-spreading rocks, to be left out and hopefully put a smile on somebody’s face #CabotExplorers

4th November 2020

Spaniorum have been lighting up the Downs this evening with some long exposure art 💡 #LightPainting #SpaniorumESU #CabotExplorers

19th October 2020

Some more #SkillsForLife for #PhoenixESU tonight, with some soldering and engraving! ⚡️💥 #CabotExplorers

12th October 2020

Concorde getting creative with some concrete creations - Michelangelo eat your heart out ! #ConcordeESU #CabotExplorers

6th October 2020

As we get closer to the start of the new term more of our Units are restarting their face to face sessions - Pirates kicked theirs off with a hike around Blaise Castle and a PT session from “Totally Fryd Fitness” #PiratesESU

3rd September 2020