Young Leaders? Completed it mate 🎉 . The Young Leader Belt is awarded to Explorers who complete all 11 modules and all 4 missions in the Young Leaders’ Scheme. We’ve only had five Explorers in the District achieve this - three of them in the last few months! . Congratulations to Flinn (Concorde, 91st Beavers), Lauren (Pirates, 169th Cubs) and James (previously Concorde, 62nd Scouts) for this brilliant achievement, and well done for all the time they’ve put into the scheme and volunteering with their sections! . #CabotExplorers #SkillsForLife #YoungLeaders #YoungLeaderBelt

21st May 2021

While Explorers have been able to work on some of their Top Awards over the last year, not being able to get out and about made it difficult for anybody to finish 😫 . After over a year of waiting, these six from Spitfire have finally been able to finish their Platinum awards, and join the Hall of Fame! 🌟 👑 . #SpitfireESU #CabotExplorers #SkillsForLife

23rd April 2021

Some more #SkillsForLife for #PhoenixESU tonight, with some soldering and engraving! ⚡️💥 #CabotExplorers

12th October 2020

A very strange accelerated end of term for our Monday Units - Spaniorum continued their termly #SkillsForLife sessions, whilst Phoenix took a shot at some circus skills (arguably also Skills for Life) #CabotExplorers #PhoenixESU #SpaniorumESU

16th March 2020

#PhoenixESU working on their #SkillsForLife with a mix of first aid, wiring plugs, and ironing - no excuse for scruffy neckers now! #CabotExplorers

13th January 2020

Spitfire spent the evening getting themselves tied up in knots as they brushed up on some knotting #SkillsForLife , as well as (very diplomatically) choosing their Unit colour #SpitfireESU #CabotExplorers

29th November 2019

Spaniorum carrying on the food theme with the £5 challenge - putting together great meals on a tight budget! 🍨 #SkillsForLife #CabotExplorers #SpaniorumESU

9th September 2019