Congratulations to our latest set of Young Leader Belt recipients (Isabella from Spitfire, and Alice from Concorde) who now join the hall of fame for this very exclusive award - just 7 people in the District have gained one! . These were awarded after our most recent set of Young Leader Modules earlier this month. If you’re a Young Leader make sure you sign up when the invites go out for future modules, and you too could earn your belt! . #CabotYoungLeaders #CabotExplorers #YoungLeaderBelt #YoungLeaders

11th October 2021

This weekend saw several of our Young Leaders coming together to complete some more of their training modules, looking at understanding behaviour and taking the lead - new skills to take back to their sections! #CabotYoungLeaders #CabotExplorers

28th January 2020

With a great summer of camping coming to an end, our Units are getting ready to start back - looking forward to see the exciting programmes they come up with! 🧗‍♀️🚣‍♂️ #CabotExplorers #BrabazonESU #ConcordeESU #PhoenixESU #PiratesESU #SpaniorumESU #SpitfireESU #SteamaESU #CabotYoungLeaders

4th September 2019