Explorer Support Fund

The District recognises there are circumstances when members may be unable to meet the requested financial commitments for their membership, or needed to attend Scouting events, but where their participation in these would be of benefit. This policy outlines the financial support available from the District to Explorer Scouts, and how to access it. 

Support Available

Support given is dependent on the circumstances; in the case of Events and Camps it may be in the form of a reduction to the total amount, or for larger events the usage of a payment plan to spread the payments over a longer time period. For international events, a separate District fund exists to help support those attending if needed.

In the case of termly subscriptions, we can reduce the termly amount, collect it in smaller amounts throughout the term, or if necessary stop the payments for a period of time. In these cases we would expect to occasionally re-assess the support given, and make adjustments if circumstances have changed.

Getting Support

Requests should be made to the District Explorer Scout Commissioner (DESC) either directly; through the District Explorer Scout Administrator (DESA) or Unit Leader (ESL); or through the Group Scout Leader (GSL) of a Scout moving on to Explorers. Support is always considered on a case-by-case basis. 

The DESC and District Commissioner (DC) will discuss the case together with the Explorer’s parents/carers, and will agree on any support to be given. The main consideration will always be the Explorer, and every effort will be taken to ensure those who want to take part in Scouting are able to do so.


Information relating to any support given is treated as strictly confidential. Cases are agreed on together by the DC and DESC, and any information regarding the case is kept between them. Any resulting actions to be taken are only passed on to the DESA and Explorer leaders as required. Cases are anonymously reported back to the District Executive, so they are aware of the overall usage of the fund.


If parents/carers are unhappy with the support offered in the first instance this should be discussed with the DC and DESC, before being raised with the District Chairperson.


If you would like to talk to us about the support available, please contact us.