World Scout Moot - Summer 2021

Thanks for joining us in one of our Moot calls this weekend! If you want a reminder of what we went through in the call, or weren't able to make the call, the information slides are linked below:

Participants - born on/between 19th July 2003 and 20th July 1995.

IST - born before 20th July 1995.

How do I apply?

To apply to join the UK Contingent as a participant or IST, you'll need to fill out the online form here.

The deadline to apply is the 3rd of May (midnight)! Important thing to remember is that applying now doesn't commit you to going, if you're successful in the ballot and get offered a space (early June), that's when they'll ask you to decide.

Make sure you've read through the information so you know the timeline for applying and potential costs. You'll also need your parents' permission to apply if you're currently under 18, so speak to them before filling out the form.