As part of our Online Scouting setup, we've got a Survival Multiplayer Minecraft server running for Explorers to join.

In order to access this you'll need to get yourself added to the whitelist by linking your Discord account - when you first try to join the Minecraft server you'll be given a 4-digit code to message to "MineBot" on Discord - post in #minecraft on Discord for help if you get stuck.

You can view the world and where people are using the Server Map.

Java Edition (PC)

The server is running on the Java edition. To connect use as the server address.

Bedrock Edition (PC)Beta

We've setup a Bedrock-to-Java bridge, so hopefully those of you running Bedrock edition on a PC will now be able to join.

The server address is the same as the Java edition, if a port number is required use 19132

If you're having trouble connecting please come to #minecraft on Discord so we can help.

Bedrock Edition (Consoles)

Unfortunately the console versions of Minecraft (Bedrock) don't let you connect to private servers, that's a decision made by Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo and not something we can change.

Although there are apparently some workarounds to trick your console into connecting to a private server, instead of one of the community servers, we can't help you do that.