Minibus Permits

Because we are charging our members to travel whenever we provide a minibus (either directly through the cost of a camp/event, or indirectly through the termly membership subscription they pay) we are providing it for hire or reward, and are deemed to be the operator of that vehicle.

Normally a PSV operator license would be required to use the vehicle like this, however as a non-profit charity we are exempt from this requirement, as long as a valid Section 19 Permit is being carried.

  • Permits are specific to the charity acting as the operator, so only permits for Cabot Scout District are valid for Explorer Units, District Active Support Units (e.g Ten Tors), and District run events (e.g. if a minibus was provided as part of a District activity day)
  • These permits are not transferrable and will not cover the activities of individual Scout Groups - they will need to get hold of their own
  • Each vehicle being used needs to have a permit onboard whenever being driven - one permit for the entire event is not enough

The permit itself is a small disk (similar to old tax disks), laminated with some information about its usage (and how it can be returned to us if it gets lost!). Leave it in the windscreen/on the dashboard, and remember to bring it back when you're finished. We have several of them currently, which normally live with the DESA - contact them to get hold of one.

The permit is necessary to prove the license exemption, and is required any time a minibus is being used to carry passengers - driving without this is the same as driving without having the correct driver's license, so please take the time to arrange to collect one.